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VAMDC - Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center

          The "Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center" (VAMDC) project is an initiative of researchers from several European universities that have decided to create a virtual space that hosted multiple databases geographically spread in different countries. The virtual space is physically hosted in a server at the Paris Observatory. Standard protocols were developed in xml language, to make the interoperability between different databases. The end user can simultaneously access all databases belonging to VAMDC through this virtual space using the VAMDC portal via http://portal.vamdc.eu/vamdc_portal/home.seam. By this portal you can find tools which allow you to search all VAMDC databases and download data if necessary. The purpose of VAMDC is collaborating with the Open Science because data access is complimentary. Among the objectives of this project are: to collaborate in scientific research, industrial activities, school activities etc.

        Currently, VAMDC has expanded beyond European borders aiming to include other databases around the world which have the same interest in sharing their data in this virtual space. This project also seeks to interact with researchers around the world who wish to be data provider for some of the data bases belongings to VAMDC Consortium.

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