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Welcome to Brazil SUP@VAMDC site
This is a project to support
VAMDC - Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center

  VAMDC Consortium Partners

    The VAMDC project is developed through a collaboration of several research institutions from different countries and the collaboration of researchers at different institutions around the world.

        The VAMDC Consortium is composed by:
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        You can also participate of VAMDC as:
  • Final end users: accessing the VAMDC Portal, searching and retrieving some data from databases and using softwares avaiable at the Portal.

  • Data Provider of Atomic and Molecular Physics data: if you measure or calculate data of Atomic and Molecular Physics you can participate of VAMDC as following:
    • Including your data at some existing database belongings to VAMDC Consortium.
    • creating a new database which can be hosted by one of the VAMDC partners.
    • criating a new independante database (node) which will be integrated at the VAMDC infraestructure as a new node.

  • More details can be obtained through the link (click here) or
  • contact M.M. Fujimoto for more information (click here)

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