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Universidade Federal do Paraná
Workshop on Quantum Thermodynamics


General Information

Quantum thermodynamics (QT) is a new area of physics that seeks to understand the role of quantum effects in thermodynamic processes and cycles. It is a field lying at the frontier between statistical mechanics and quantum information, where many important advances have been made in recent years.

The "Workshop on Quantum Thermodynamics'' is intended to be an informal meeting aimed to foster discussions, cooperation and partnerships in this new and exciting area.

It has been said that “quantum thermodynamics is a field in the making, marked by a typical mix of exuberance and confusion” [Quanta Magazine, May 2, 2017]. The aim of the Workshop is both to contemplate the ‘exuberance’ of QT and to draw inspiration from its current state of creative ‘confusion’.

Summer School

The Workshop will run alongside the Curitiba Physics Summer School intended for final-year undergraduate students but open to graduate students.

As part of the Summer School, and as a preparation for the Workshop, there will be a three-day course titled “Introduction to Quantum Thermodynamics,” designed for graduate students and early stage researchers, to be taught [in Portuguese] by Prof. Roberto Serra from UFABC (São Paulo).

Registration and Presentations

Those who intend to participate in both the Workshop and the short course on QT at the Summer School must register separately for both events. Registration for the Workshop can be done here. To register for the Summer School please visit the link above.

Those wishing to make a presentation at the Workshop must submit an extended abstract; see here for more information. A limited number of contributions will be selected for oral presentation; the others can be presented as posters. Please indicate your preference at the registration form.