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Admission - 2019-1

The documents required for admission to our program, both Masters and Doctoral programs, can be found here link

For the admission process, all candidates must apply to an internal entrance exam or to the unified entrance exam, with the participation of several brazilian graduate programs (IFGW (UNICAMP), IFUSP, IFSC (USP - São Carlos), IFT (UNESP), UFABC, UFPR, ITA and UFSCAR). The exam will focus on classical mechanics, electromagnetism, modern physics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical physics, all questions being in the under-graduate level.

Registration for the selection process to our program are not made automatically when you register for the exam. To subscribe to the selection process, the candidates must submit the required documents through the SIGA webpage:

Registration to the Master program link

Regsitration to the Doctorate program link