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Research Areas

 Research Fields in the Program

1. Atomic and Molecular Physics

    (a) Collision and interactions of atoms and molecules;

    (b) Electronic structure of atoms and molecules.

2. Condensed Matter Physics

    (a) Structure of liquids and solids, crystallography;

    (b) Magnetic materials and properties;

    (c) Mechanical and acoustic properties of condensed matter;

    (d) Thermal properties of condensed matter;

    (e) Optical properties and spectroscopy of condensed matter;

    (f) Surfaces, interfaces, thin films and low dimensional structures;

    (g) Electronic transport and electrical properties.

3. Fluids Physics and Plasmas

    (a) Transport phenomena in fluids;

    (b) Plasma physics;

    (c) Kinetic theory in gases.

4. General Physics

    (a) Statistical physics, thermodynamics and non-linear dynamical systems;

    (b) Quantum mechanics;

    (c) General relativity and gravitation.